Virran SaaS Applications Framework 3.0 allows creating the excellent user interface of any kind of applications < 30 days. The Framework does quick enablement of any business process on the cloud using Virran SaaS Framework 3.0. The Application works with fast data processing and interfacing with external systems on Cloud.

Readymade Applications



Chat and messaging within the project group without any delay, helps identify issues before they become problems.

Customer Management

Customers probably reach out to you for help all day with questions about how to use your products, how to get a refund.

Employee Management

Designed to simplify the process of record maintenance in an organization, helps in managing the information of all employees and other human resource functions.

Customer Relationship Management

Approach to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers, uses data analysis about customer history with a company to improve business relationships with customers,

Mail Services

Dedicated to providing way of communication for managing business processes throughout the enterprise.

Calendar Invite

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