Purchase Management

Monitor and manage your purchasing more efficiently at lesser cost, and deliver the best value to you, From procurement to warehouse.with Virran Purchase Management you can seamlessly.operate purchasing business processes end-to-end from anywhere as this application is cloud computing.

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Application Features

Easily create purchase orders for your vendors to include payment terms, quantity and other purchase information

Purchase Requisition

Purchase requisitions (PR) in an organizations can help their employees plan their purchases better and optimize organizational spend.It also significantly eliminates indirect spend while reducing the time and effort spent by employees chasing paperwork and emails to maintain purchasing records.

Supplier / Client Master

Supplier information.is required to maintain business relationship between buying organizations and their suppliers which includes supplier identity.information, addresses, contacts, contact points to empowers companies to proactively communicate with suppliers and gain real-time visibility into suppliers and their relationships.

Request For Quotation

Purchase Quotation presents the complete price structure of the inquired product along with any hidden cost if involved.Often, in any small, medium or larger firms, purchase quotation has a lot of significance. Purchase quotation helps you analyze which vendor can, meet your product demand.

Purchase Order

A purchase order (also known as a PO) represents the intentions of a buyer to buy a certain quantity of a product or service at an agreed price from a supplier. It’s a legally binding document. Here You will reduce time on data entries, Digital approval will take less time than manual processes, Get overview faster when having all previous purchases or outstanding orders in one place, You will save time on invoice handling.


In business, product selling and purchasing involves two aspects .One is from the vendor’s side and the other, the customer side .Whatever is processed from vendor part, almost the similar activities are reciprocated from the customer part.

Goods Receipt

The Goods receipt .records the delivery of the materials your company needs Streamline material flows and increase transparency across end-to-end purchasing operations. When you receive inventory items against a purchase order the purchase order get closed.

Iteam Master

Item master records the lists of key information about an item. This information includes the Item Code, Name, Description, unit of measure, Status and Basic price If the item is not required for further transaction its status can be changed to In-Active.

Purchase Requisition

This allows to create new Purchase requisition and it is integrated with Project Management so Project name can be selected here to track for which project this PR been raised.

From Purchase requisition You can easily generate Request for Quotation, Quotation or Purchase Order in a single click.

Requisition approval process is available to have a control in purchasing process.

Request For Quotation

This allows to create new Request For Quotation (RFQ) and also this can be generated from PR and line Items will be fetched by default as selected in PR.

From Request For Quotation you can generate Quotation efficiently.

Purchase Order

This allows to create new Purchase Order and also this can be generated from PR or Quotation and when generated, its details fetched automatically which reduces the effort and manhours in keening data.

From Purchase Order Goods receipt will be generated and once complete quantity received it will restrict the PO lines to generate receipt again.


This allows to create new Quotation and also this can be generated from PR or RFQ and when generated, its details fetched automatically so it reduces the man hours in keening the data.

More search criteria provided to search created quotations and this helps in comparing the quotes received from different suppliers and choose the best quote .

Goods Receipt

Goods receipt will be generated from PO and it will be in edit mode to enter the received quantity. It also displays the ordered quantity and pending quantity which need to be received which provides a transparency in tracking the ordered quantity.


The approval process varies from one organization to another. However, the basic flow remains similar.The Approval process here is made easier for the approver to view and approve all his documents in a single page.

Here’s a brief outline of how a typical purchase order approval process may function.

Supplier / Client Master

It allows to create new Supplier/Clients to make transactions.

It allows to maintain Supplier/Clients basic information like Company Code, Company Name, Email, Mobile, Address and GSTIN/UIN etc.

If the Supplier/Clients is not required for further transaction its status can be changed to In-Active.



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